The Trip

In order to educate the public about flexible solar panels and electric vehicles, we came up with the idea to do a promo-tour across the US, using only solar energy. We designed a trailer that can hold 7 kWp of flexible solar panels and batteries for extra juice. As the flexible panels charge the batteries during the day, we will explain people about the technologies we used. In the evening, we roll up the panels and drive off to the next stop. Since we need to charge the batteries during the day, we can perfectly use this time to give presentations and promote these new technologies.

A trip like this has never been done before. We therefore expect significant media attention, which will benefit our sponsors! We provide our main contributors with space on our trailers to display their logo's.

In the picture on the right, you see some preliminary 3D-drawings we made of the trailer. In the Design-section, we will talk about the trailer in more detail. Also, check out our flyer!

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