Maxoak Bluetti Solar Generators: All to Know About Maxoak’s Flagship Solar-Based Power Station and its Younger Models

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The solar generator market is full of leading manufacturers such as Goal Zero, Renogy and Inergy, as well as many more. While all of these offer impressive solar power stations with high capacities and portable qualities, Maxoak is a leading provider thanks to their range of versatile solar generators. Maxoak is a manufacturer based in China and has its foothold in batteries, so their solar generators are bound to be of the highest quality. 

Their Maxoak Bluetti Solar Generator 1500Wh is highly regarded as one of the best solar generators thanks to its large capacity and interesting features. As well as this model, Maxoak also offers a few budget-friendly options for customers who want a similar model but with perhaps a slightly smaller output capacity. 

The main competition for the Maxoak Bluetti Solar Generator 1500Wh is going to be the Renogy Lycan, the Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium and the Inergy Apex, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. In this article we’re going to be focusing on the Maxoak Bluetti Solar Generator and its smaller alternatives, rather than its competitors. 

As we said before, Maxoak offers a number of affordable solar generators which we’ll be looking at today. These include the Maxoak Portable Generator 400Wh and the Maxoak Portable Power Station 200Wh, and of course we won’t leave you guessing and we’ll look at the impressive Maxoak Bluetti. Let’s get started, shall we?

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Maxoak Bluetti Solar Generators: All to Know About Maxoak’s Flagship Solar-Based Power Station and its Younger Models - Comparison Table

Maxoak Bluetti Solar Generators: All to Know About Maxoak’s Flagship Solar-Based Power Station and its Younger Models - Reviews

The Maxoak Bluetti Solar Generator 1500Wh does exactly what it claims to do - it’s a solar generator with a 1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter and two AC sockets to keep your AC appliances up and running. The LG lithium-ion battery has a large capacity of  101,351mAh/14.8V, making it the perfect generator to take with you on large camping trips or to keep in case of an emergency. 

Along with these AC outlets, this generator also offers one 12V DC socket to keep your car-powered devices running, such as a vacuum cleaner, a mini fridge, an electric heater as well as many more. There is also a PD Type-C port, a PD USB-C port along with a number of other DC and USB outlets. You won’t run out of ways to exhaust this solar generator, that’s for sure!

Due to these features, this solar generator is very versatile and a useful accessory for you to take with you on all your off the grid adventures. More seriously, this generator is also reliable enough to be used during an emergency where the power is out, so it’s definitely worth the investment. The last thing you want is a solar generator that fails you when you need it most, so choosing a reliable model is a must. 

In terms of recharging, one option is to use any third-party solar charger on the market. Maxoak doesn't offer one of its own, so this solar generator is compatible with any model you can find, as long as it offers a voltage of at least 16V~60V with a maximum of 500W solar panels. Alternatively you can also recharge it from the main power, where it will take a mere 10 hours to charge fully from flat. This is another amazing feature as you’ll often not have time to spend more than 10 hours recharging your generator. This model allows you to charge it overnight and wake up to an almost full battery. 

If you’d prefer a faster charge from your solar generator, the MPPT charge controller within the Maxoak Bluetti Solar Generator 1500Wh is very efficient and impressive. The included MC4 solar charging cable and Battery Management System prevents you from running into issues due to variating voltages, keeping your usage and power source smooth sailing. 

Considering the mighty power this solar generator offers, the weight is impressively light at only 37.9 pounds. The measurements are 14.6 x 6.5 x 14.4 inches - sure, this isn’t the smallest or most portable generator, but the power and features are unmatched. The strong and durable handle helps increase the portability so you can still carry it around when you need. 


  • 101,351mAh/14.8V LG Li-ion battery. 
  • A number of outlets, including two AC sockets, one PD Type-C Port and one PD USB-C port. 
  • Very powerful 1500Wh portable solar generator. 
  • 1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter.
  • Ideal for use during outdoor activities or in an emergency situation. 

If you’re looking for more of a portable option with a slightly lower capacity, look no further than this model right here. Opposed to the 1500Wh Generator, Maxoak’s 400Wh alternative is a smaller power station which is lighter and easier to carry around than the larger model. The smaller size allows you to take this portable generator almost anywhere, along with the durable handle. The unit weighs only 13 pounds and is measured at 9.0 x 5.7 x 1.2 inches, further adding to its extreme portability and preventing you from suffering an aching arm after the day is done. 

While this generator may not be as powerful as it’s older sibling the Maxoak Bluetti Solar Generator, the fact that it weighs less than the conventional UPS generators and other leading competitors on the market is its leading benefit. Some people prefer to put transportation capabilities over its maximum capacity, so if you’re someone who likes to travel around a lot and needs a solar generator with a reasonable output, this might well be the ideal option for you.  

The 300W Pure Sine Wave Inverter is another notable feature of this generator, as well as the dual AC sockets. Inside this portable generator is where the fun really happens, with a premium quality polymer lithium-ion battery that can contain more than enough energy to power your necessary appliances and electronics. 

Along with the dual AC sockets, this generator also boasts two DC sockets - one 12V/5A and one 12V/10A - as well as an impressive number of seven USB outlets, one of which is a QuickCharge 3.0 USB port. The DC outlets are designed to power things such as LED lights, fans and other helpful electronics. What’s more is that the generator also offers one car socket so you can keep your car appliances running smoothly. 

As you can see from the extensive list above, the Maxoak Portable Generator 400Wh is still a very impressive model which you can use to power a whole range of appliances and electronics, so don’t just go for the largest output for the sake of it. This might even prove to be more beneficial for you, as it has done with many other happy users. 


  • Very portable thanks to small size and lightweight. 
  • 300W Pure Sine Wave Inverter with two AC sockets.
  • Ideal for camping, hiking and RV holidays. 
  • An impressive number of USB and DC outlets. 
  • Built in handle for easy transportation.

Last but not least, we have the Maxoak Portable Power Station 200Wh. This solar generator is considered the baseline model from the Maxoak collection, however it is still a respectable model for people who don’t need as much power as the former two models offer. The less power on offer means that the exterior of this generator is able to be more compact and smaller, and therefore easier to transport and carry around. With a slight size of 7.9 x 2.6 x 8.1 inches and a weight of only 7.6 pounds, you could easily carry this on your off the grid adventures without thinking much of it.

This solar generator offers one AC socket and a 100W Pure Sine Wave Inverter, making it ideal to charge up small electronics such as laptops and phones. In fact, the battery of 18000mAh @ 11.1V and 62400mAh @ 3.7V is more than enough to recharge your small appliances time and time again, for example a fully charged 200Wh Maxoak Portable Power Station will be able to charge your phone to 100% more or less 15 times before needing to be recharged itself. A tablet would be able to be recharged up to five times, and a laptop up to three times. 

Along with one AC socket, there are two 12V DC outlets, one PD USB-C port, one 3.0 QuickCharge USB port and one normal USB port. One drawback of this solar generator is that it doesn’t come with a solar panel, however you could use any one on the market which offers an input voltage of 14V~40V. Having said this, you could also charge it using an extension running from a power source. 

If you’ve been reading this article thinking ‘I don’t know, 1500Wh is definitely too high and 400Wh still seems a little excessive’ then this is the choice for you. In fact, you can’t go much lower than 200Wh, so this should suit you just fine. As we said with the previous option, the Maxoak Portable Power Station 200Wh is still a respectable model and may suit you much better than the 1500Wh alternative. It is all about your individual preferences and needs, so choose the model that is going to add the most to your life instead of the one with the most capacity for no reason.


  • Perfect for taking on trips and holidays thanks to its lightweight and small body. 
  • One AC socket and 100W Pure Sine Wave Inverter.
  • A selection of useful sockets such as DC and USB ports. 
  • Helpful carrying strap makes for super portability.

Maxoak Bluetti Solar Generators: All to Know About Maxoak’s Flagship Solar-Based Power Station and its Younger Models - Buyers Guide

Why Should You Buy a Maxoak Solar Generator?

The different options to choose from

As we’ve demonstrated above, Maxoak offers a great range of affordable solar generators with different variants. These are perfect for a smaller number of appliances during trips such as RV holidays, fishing and camping trips. The multiple variants allow you to choose the best model for you, so you don’t find yourself overpaying for something you won’t get the most use out of. 

They’re all powerful solar generators

Especially with the Maxoak Bluetti Solar Generator 1500Wh, you’re getting a super powerful solar generator to take with you on all your holidays or to use in an emergency. There aren’t many alternatives to square up to this generator, and the Maxoak model offers serious competition to its rival machines on the market. 

The other two solar generators by Maxoak are also considered powerful solar generators in their own right, depending on how much power you need. These two smaller solar generators are also considered best sellers in their own niche markets.

Final Thoughts

That concludes our look into Maxoak’s various different solar power stations, varying in both price and capacity. The highest capacity option, the Maxoak Bluetti, is super powerful and is one of the top competitors when it comes to high capacity solar generators. You can use this solar power station to run your essential appliances easily thanks to the impressive number of outlets available. 

Much like the highest capacity model, the lower capacity alternatives - Maxoak 400Wh and 200Wh - are both great options in their own right. If you don’t need as much power as the Bluetti is offering or would prefer a smaller option to make it more portable, these two smaller options are still very beneficial and offer a number of features to help you during an emergency power outage or on your trips and holidays. 

How much power you’re likely to need and how far you want to transport your solar power station will affect the decision of which solar power station you go for, but we think you can’t go wrong with any of these options by Maxoak. 

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