Suaoki S270 Solar Generator: Everything to Know About Suaoki 150Wh Power Station

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Suaoki has designed and created a number of solar power solutions on the market, with their Suaoki S270 Solar Generator being both an entry level model and a best seller. Only 100W of power makes this compact device not the most versatile of generators, but the additional features built-in sure make up for this. 

Suaoki created a crowdfunder on Indiegogo to raise over $50,000 in order to produce this solar powered portable generator, with just under 340 supporters contributing to this product. With that many people willing to contribute such a large sum of money to this project, you have to assume that it’s going to be well worth the affordable price point! 

As a result we’re left with a reliable generator which is excellent for emergency situations where you need a quick fix of power. Thanks to the small size, it can be taken almost anywhere easily and as long as it’s sunny, it can continue giving you unlimited power all day long. 

Below we’ll take a look at the Suaoki S270 Solar Generator, what’s great about it, what’s not so great, and which chargers can you use with it to see whether this is a good contender to be your new favorite piece of outdoor adventure gear. How exciting!

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At first glance, all you see is a simple and small box with red stripes down either side. Nothing special, right? There’s no flashy colors, bells or frills - just three pounds of solid efficiency. You see, Suaoki doesn’t have to add a load of interesting designs to the exterior of their generator for people to use it, because the performance and raving reviews does that on its own.

The 100W Modified Sine Wave Inverter has the ability to reach a peak of 150W, giving you suitable power for your devices and small appliances. This being said, you won’t always be able to reach the peak efficiency so you may want to bear in mind that there may be days where you’re stuck at 100V. 

The two AC sockets can be used for these said appliances. Many solar generators this size, and even bigger, often only house one AC socket, so it’s nice to know that you don’t have to spend a larger amount of money to get a bigger generator just because it has another AC socket. 

Among the four USB ports there is one 3.0 QuickCharge port to really speed up your charging. This is perfect in emergency situations where you can’t afford to waste time waiting for an average port charging up your phone. There are also four DC sockets to plug traditional plugs into so you can really run a whole load of devices and appliances at one time. 

The Suaoki S270 Solar Generator is powered by a built-in lithium battery of 40.5Ah at 3.7V or 13.5Ah at 11.1V, giving you the potential to charge your devices several times without having to stop and recharge. 

This super small and compact size of 7.3 x 4.3 x 4.7 inches works together with the slight weight of three pounds to give you a really great portable solar powered generator to take on all trips and holidays. Not only is the size perfect for portability, it also includes two carry handles that can be folded away when not using. This is much better than either carrying it by its awkwardly thick body, or having to buy a bag to carry it around in. 

Compatible Chargers

Many portable solar powered generators on the market are designed to work with any solar charger, and the Suaoki S270 Solar Generator is no different.  If you happen to have an old solar charger kicking around in your garage, then you’re in luck and most likely won’t need to spend more money on a charger!

Having said this, Suaoki has their own range of solar chargers that work great with this particular model. Their 60W Portable Solar Panel Charger is a perfect addition to the 100W generator because it can be folded up incredibly easily and tightly to make it super portable. You may not even remember you’re carrying it!

This solar charger folds lengthways nine times and once crosswise, thanks to its nine solar panels, to create a small pack that also includes a nifty handle. You’ll be able to fit this in your backpack or even your pocket, which is perfect for adventurers and explorers alike. 

Not to mention it also includes a 5V USB port as well as a 18V DC socket so you can run your devices while your generator is getting back up to speed. The solar charger includes a high tech TIR-C chip which automatically finds which device you’ve plugged in to charge and chooses the right speed of power to ensure you’re not using too much or too little.

This is very beneficial as you don’t want to be using too much power that your generator takes forever to fully charge, yet you don’t want to be using too little so that your devices don’t properly charge, either. 

Not only will you receive the portable solar charger, you’ll also get a car charger to keep it fully ready while driving, a 10-in-1 connector for laptops to ensure you have the right adapter, no matter which model, and a two year warranty in case anything falters. 

Why should you buy this?

There are many reasons why the Suaoki S270 Solar Generator is worth buying as your new generator, no matter what you want it for. This brilliant device is simple enough to be used whenever and wherever to solve all your solar power needs. Thanks to its lightweight and compact size, you can truly take it anywhere, even on adventures that dive deep into the wilderness.

Not only can you use the Suaoki S270 Solar Generator to power small appliances and your electronics about your home, there are also a number of other notable features, which we’ll detail below. 

  1. Charging Options

For such a small generator, the Suaoki S270 Solar Generator sure does pack a punch when it comes to its charging options. There are two AC sockets, perfect for all your AC appliances during an emergency, four DC sockets and four USB ports, one of which is super fast charging. 

Essentially you can charge a large number of devices and appliances with this small but mighty device without worrying about having to use numerous extension cords. 

  1. Lights

Many people forget that portable generators are often used out in nature where there are potential dangers, especially at night. This is why the fact that the Suaoki S270 Solar Generator has built-in emergency lights is so impressive and beneficial. There are two lights which can be used with two different modes depending on the situation and your needs, making this a campers best friend. 

  1. Increased Efficiency Thanks to the MPPT Chip

MPPT (maximum power point tracking) technology strives to give you higher efficiency from your solar generators performance. Without this technology, your generator will only perform half of its full potential, making this a valuable benefit for the Suaoki S270 Solar Generator. 

This allows the panels to collect more light and therefore power, allowing it to charge up quicker and therefore be used to power your devices sooner. Why wouldn’t you want your solar generator to give out the optimal efficiency possible? 

  1. Qualcomm Quick Charging USB 3.0 Port

The Suaoki S270 Solar Generator houses four USB ports, one of which is a quick charging 3.0 port. The maxim output that this can offer is 18W, which is extremely impressive for a USB port attached to a solar generator. The other three ports can get to a peak of 10.5W, meaning they’re not inefficient by any means. This allows you to connect multiple different devices at the same time to keep you charged and connected. 

  1. Lightweight and Portable

As mentioned above, the Suaoki S270 Solar Generator is super small in structure and ultra portable. In fact, the body is a mere 7.26 x 4.31 x 4.67 inches and it weighs only 3 pounds - wow. No wonder this is an adventurer's favorite piece of gear.

The model Suaoki released before, the Suaoki 222Wh, weighed around 5 pounds, so this is a massive improvement by the manufacturer. 

These are just a few of the reasons why we suggest you should give the Suaoki S270 Solar Generator a try - and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed. These features more than make up for the fact that it is only 100W, and the emergency lights are often hard to find on other similar generators. 

All of these factors make Suaoki’s generator stand out from the crowd, and we’re sure this is why it’s a bestseller and well known portable solar generator. 

Why shouldn’t you buy this?

While the Suaoki S270 Solar Generator has a lot of great features, it is also only a 100W generator which means while it can charge two AC appliances and many other plugs and USB chargeable devices, it will only work for a short period of time. 

Because of this and the fact that it is only an entry level model, this generator may not be the best choice for someone who needs a lot of power for longer periods of time. This also means that it may not be great for people living off the grid who need a steady stream of continuous energy. 

Another set back is of course that it is powered primarily by sunlight (obviously, right?) and if there is no sunlight available, there will be nothing to keep the generator running. This may not be a problem for a larger model, however the Suaoki S270 Solar Generator is only 100W which unfortunately means that its charge is going to run out quicker than other generators. 

This means that the amount of sunlight on your journey is much more important with this model, rather than if you were to get one with a higher wattage. Having said this, getting a bigger model may compromise on both the price and the portability. 


Well, there you have it - our in depth review of the Suaoki S270 Solar Generator. There is no doubt that this is an excellent solar generator in regards to its value for money, and how ultra portable it is, meaning it’s excellent for people who want to take their generator on camping trips, weekend hikes and RV holidays. 

There are a number of features included that make this a beneficial and impressive choice, and the number of glowing reviews demonstrates this. The added bonus of being compatible with all solar chargers is another great reason to try this portable generator. 

The two emergency lights are a great benefit that you wouldn’t think of unless you’ve been stuck out in the pitch black without a backup torch, and makes for a perfect addition to this small generator. It’s better to be safe than sorry, right? 

Of course, there are a few drawbacks including the smaller wattage making it not ideal to be your primary power source, and that the power runs out quite quickly when using more than a couple of the included sockets. Having said this, for use during emergencies or holidays such as camping, this is all you need. 

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