Best Emergency Solar Kits: 7 Emergency Solar Kits to Survive an Emergency or Off-Grid Life

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In an emergency when the power grid goes down, or where you suddenly can’t access it for some reason, you need a reliable alternative. Solar power has been proven to be an effective solution – generators can be ready-charged and recharged by simple connection to panels which take in and convert the sun’s power, and we’re already familiar with several solar applications like generators, power stations chargers, panels, kits etc, all of which can meet your solar power needs in an emergency.

The thing is, most of the available solar alternatives are sold as individual products, which means to get everything you might need in an emergency can be a part-work, piecemeal, and increasingly expensive business.

Here, we take a look at some of the best emergency solar kits on the market – just enough of everything you might need to keep going through an emergency, all in one package.

Best Emergency Solar Kits

An emergency solar kit is exactly what it sounds like – a coherent collection of solar-powered solutions to the problems you’re likely to face in any emergency that severs your connection to the grid. Given the effects of climate change, people are also now looking for solar alternatives to lighten the load on the mainstream grid in any case, while maintaining their powered, connected lives.

When you’re looking for a fuller solution than a disparate collection of elements, you’re usually looking for portable power, portable lighting, potentially an outdoor cooking option and the like. The things you’ll need in an emergency, but which also have non-emergency benefits.

Let’s take a look at some of the most price-friendly, portable solar-based emergency kits available today.

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This multifunctional portable solar generator is pretty much what your standard flashlight dreams of being when it grows up.

It’s a powerful 800-mAh rechargeable solar battery which holds its power for a usefully long time, and which can but also gives you a built-in emergency flashlight and FM radio (in non-emergency periods for fun, in emergency periods for vital news and the like). The flashlight has 3 LED beads so as to put ultra-bright light at your disposal, which depending on the nature of the emergency could be really useful.

In terms of retaining a sense of normality in emergencies – but again, also useful on ordinary outdoor or camping trips – the UPEOR system comes with USB ports and an SD card slot, so you can stream music from several sources or use the on board MP3 player.

It can be charged from a 6V solar panel (full charge in around 4 hours) or from any wall socket.

This is a super-lightweight option, combining USB chargers, powerful flashlight, music and seemingly-preset radio station options. It belongs in your ‘grab-and-go’collection for either emergency situations or weight-dependent camping or outdoor fun.

Why Should You Buy

  • Lightweight emergency solar flashlight
  • 800-mAh rechargeable solar battery
  • USB chargers for phone or tablet charging
  • Musical options
  • Solar-powered FM radio

Next on our list is more comprehensive emergency solar kit from Yinghao. This kit includes two individually controlled LED bulbs and a controller box with an integrated charge controller.

It also comes with three USB ports (1 x 5V/2A, 2x 3.7V/2A) to charge bulbs, phones, and anything else connected by USB – tablets, MP3 players, etc). The controller box also contains a 3.7 V/ 8000mAh lithium battery to store solar power collected by the two large polycrystalline silicon solar panels which come with the kit.

Those panels? In full sunlight, you’re looking at a full recharge in 5-6 hours. The two bulbs that come in the Yinghao kit are 2W super-bright LED bulbs, rechargeable by the USB ports on the controller.

The emergency solar kit scores by being easy to use and easy to understand – it works well in the wild and would provide you with all the vitals in the event of an off-grid emergency. Charge the panels in the daytime direct from the sun, to give you lighting for several hours.

Why Should You Buy

  • A great combination of portable power and emergency lighting
  • 8000mAh lithium battery in the controller
  • Three USB ports for multiple re-charging simultaneously 
  • 2x 2-Watt LED Bulbs 
  • Easily portable solar panels


AcoPower’s foldable solar kit has become famous in green energy and outdoor activity circles.

Available in three Wattage ratings – 50W, 70W and 100W, it combines all the essentials you’ll need in the event of an off-grid emergency, or an off-grid camping trip. It can recharge your batteries, your smaller chargers, even your solar power stations, and has enough juice to run small DC and USB technology simultaneously.

Taking the mid-range 70W option, it’s perhaps the most popular as its extremely reasonable price pitches it in that sweet spot of payment versus power. It comes with two 35W monopanels, and delivers enough energy to charge 12V batteries, as found in cars, trailers, boats etc.

The kit also includes a 5A charge controller, to maintain smooth solar energy flow.

The solar panel gives you a pretty high conversion rate – up to and including 25%. It’s easy and unobtrusive to fold and store, which is a feature that pushes it up the rankings and makes it one of the most effective, as well as one of the most popular emergency solar kits on the market.

There’s a useful flexibility about the AcoPower charger too – it will happily charge your 12V batteries, but if you take the charge controller out of the equation, it’ll also cheerfully charge power stations or anything else with a built-in regulator. That adaptability is another factor that make people love the AcoPower kit.

The whole kit, including the solar panel, is easily portable, weighing in at just 56 pounds complete and with dimensions of 22.05 x 17.32 x 0.79 inches, so you’re hardly going to struggle with it in any survival situation. For more camping or RVing applications, it’s made of durable materials and is weather resistant, so it won’t fizzle up and die on you the moment it’s not in direct sunlight. All in all, the AcoPower kit puts lots of checks in all the right boxes to meet your emergency solar kit needs.

Why Should You Buy

  • Complete solar solution thanks to the 5A charge controller
  • 12V battery charging kit
  • All necessary cables and connectors included as standard
  • Powerful enough to charge generators, power banks and end-user gadgets like your phone and tablet too
  • The whole kit is highly portable

Can you feel the juice coming off the WindyNation 200W emergency solar kit?

This steps up the game significantly, and delivers a complete mobile solar solution – which you can run from anywhere. Boat? Trailer? Camper? Home? Potentially middle of nowhere while you wait for the murder hornet menace to die down?

Welcome to the WindyNation.

As the name might make obvious, you’re looking at 2x 100W solar panels in this kit, along with a charge controller, a 1500-watt inverter, and quite a lot more. The combination of the panels and the charge controller mean you have a more or less relentless backup battery-charging station.

Fix the 100W polycrystalline panels over your home, RV, tent, camper or A-frame and let them collect the energy you need. The 20A charge controller has a handy LCD display to give you all the information you need and let you easily control what’s happening. The power inverter is a 1500W unit with a surge power of 3000W, so it’s built for a fair amount of power.

The ease of assembly and setup of the WindyNation solar kit makes it a flexible solution to your emergency solar power needs, because it can quickly adapt to the situation. RV holiday? Great, set up the panels on top of the vehicle and let them provide you all the solar power you need to charge your 12V batteries, whether they be home inverter batteries, RV batteries, or anything else. Emergency situation? Charge the panels and run a lot of what you need to get through until either the grid is reconnected or you can get to a safer, less emergency-stricken area.

The WindyNation kit gives you more potential power than many other full kits on the market, and as such, it’s a kit that comes with confidence built in.

Why Should You Buy

  • It’s a full solar kit, bar the need for a battery
  • 2x 100-Watt solar panels for more energy potential
  • 1500W power inverter
  • Solar charge controller at 30A
  • Adaptable to both camping, RV and emergency use

Rockpals’ all in one kit includes a 60W quad-folded solar panel, sturdily built and using high quality solar cells. Along with that, you get a veritable jungle of connectors to multiply the usefulness of the energy the panels collect (anything up to 23.5% of solar energy is converted to useable power). There’s an 8mm DC adapter for the likes of Goal Zero and Jackery solar power stations, a 2.5mm DC Adapter for Suaoki portable generators and a 1.35mm DC Adapter for Paxcess Webetop portable generators.

In addition to this forest of connectivity, there are 3x 5V USB ports to charge all the good stuff – smartphone, tablets, GPS units, digital cameras, etc.

The versatility of its connections, added to the 60W quad-folded panel and the relatively high energy conversion rate makes the Rockpals kit an extremely viable emergency solar kit. The folded solar panel easily fits into a backpack, let alone a car or RV, so you have true portability in the Rockpals setup, along with that absolute hardware store of connection options, to help you support your chosen power station.

In addition to which, the Rockpals solar panel is water-resistant, so you can suck solar power into the panels even in at least damp conditions – though of course the controller’s not waterproof, and should be kept dry. All in all, the portability, the power conversion, the extreme versatility of connection and the provision of power to charge all the essentials of emergency or off-grid situations makes the Rockpals a force to be reckoned with in the solar emergency kit market.

Why Should You Buy

  • Highly portable folding solar panel
  • High rate of solar energy conversion
  • A vast array of connectivity and charging options in a 10-in-1 DC adapter
  • Three USB Ports for multiple device charging

The Roopure kit, like the UPEOR, focuses first on lights and charging power for your handheld equipment, which in the event of an emergency will be crucial for connectivity and information, as well as for taking your mind off the nature of the emergency.

It’s based around a single 11V 20W solar panel, and then builds with 4x 2W bulbs, a single USB charger and a remote control.

As such, it’s more emergency basic than some of our other kits, but that gives it a distinct emergency focus, rather than being a multitasking holiday machine.

The solar-powered bulbs in the Roopure kit have four adjustable modes for energy conservation and/or brightness in the event of need (420LM at maximum). The bulbs are also subject to remote control, so you can change their brightness without having to adjust them by hand. They can also be used individually as flashlights if needed - maximum brightness will last you 4 hours per bulb

The Roopure’s 5V 1A output is a universal charge port, which allows you to rapidly charge your cellphone, tablet, supplementary power bank etc.

While it’s not as all-singing and all-dancing a system as some of the others here, the Roopure kit will give you the basics of what you need - light and power - in the event of an off-grid emergency, and might make the difference between connectivity and mobility in the dark with it, and electronic isolation without.  


Why Should You Buy

  • Various bulb brightness settings
  • Remote control bulbs
  • Off-grid USB charging

The Eco-Worthy 240W solar panel kit has all the major elements of a complete solar power solution. There are two powerful 120W solar panels, delivering 240W output. Attached to them there’s a charge controller, a 1000W pure sine wave inverter (with an LCD display) and even some batteries to help convert DC power to the AC you need to run emergency appliances.

In fact, one of the things that makes the Eco-Worthy one of the best emergency solar kits on the market is that it comes with 100Ah 12V lead-acid deep cycle AGM batteries. Naturally it also comes with cables, adapters and connecters to make this potent miniature wall of power into your best friend in an emergency.

Why Should You Buy

  • 240W solar panels 
  • 1000 sine wave inverter
  • Two 100Ah 12V AGM batteries. 
  • 20A LCD solar charge controller.

Best Emergency Solar Kits - Buyers Guide

Final Thoughts

The trouble about predicting what the perfect emergency solar kit will look like is that it’s likely to change depending on the subsidiary elements of the emergency, and your circumstances during it. But beyond that fundamental condition, almost anything is possible. Are you trapped without grid power in a basement by an earthquake? Are you on the road in your RV running from forest fires? Both viable off-grid emergencies, both with very different circumstantial parameters around which your solar emergency kit will have to steer you. Hopefully the kits we’ve highlighted here give you enough of a range to decide which kits are more likely to be your friends in the event of an off-grid emergency. Choose well. Stay solar. Stay safe.

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