Best Solar AA Battery Chargers: 5 Smart Solar Chargers for Your AA, AAA, and Other Cell Rechargeable Batteries

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There are many different foldable chargers and solar chargers available and they mainly tend to be used for charging phones, tablets and other small devices. Nowadays, you can get some really cool solar cell battery chargers and we have created a list of the best ones. This will help you find your favourite one and what’s even better is that they all retail at cheaper prices. 

These types of chargers typically tend to be smaller and lower priced solar power systems. The way in which they are designed mainly tends to look similar to conventional electricity based cell chargers. However, these one have either an integrated or separate solar panel which works to charge the batteries when it is under the sunlight. If you carry this solar AA/AAA battery charger with you then you can recharge your essential batteries wherever you are on your trip. 

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Best Solar AA Battery Chargers - Comparison Table

Best Solar AA Battery Chargers - Reviews

We are starting off with the solar battery charger by C.Crane. This is one of the best and most versatile AA solar battery chargers that you will find on the market. As a 11- in -1 solar charger it is capable of charging many different batteries. AAA, AA, C, D and 7 GUM units are just some of the 11 Nicd and NiMH batteries that can be recharged using this power solution. 

This stands out as an impressive solar battery charger as it is capable of putting out 5V power and has a capacity of around 150mAh.

In terms of overall output, this device excels against some of its rival competitors. At a size of 6.8 x 4.5 x2.3 inches and a weight of only 11.08 oz, it is very lightweight and compact.

This charger is designed with the solar panel integrated into the adjustable top lid. This is handy as you can angle the lid so that the solar panel is getting optimum exposure to the sunlight. 

Another nice feature is the built in meter which displays valuable information such as the strength of the sunlight and how much time your batteries need in the sun  for full charge. The built in blocking diode works effectively to prevent the reverse flow of power and discharge. This ensures that the solar power which is stored in the batteries isn’t going to run in reverse. 

As it is smaller in size, it is ideal for charging at home and very convenient for charging your devices outdoors when you are on the go. 

Features to look out for:

  • This solar charger is simple and pocket friendly, so it's easy to carry around.
  • As a 11-in-1 charger it is suitable for all types of NiCd and NiMH batteries
  • The solar cells are built into the adjustable top lid
  • It is an Ideal choice for campers, outdoor enthusiasts and hikers. 
  • The built in stand is very handy; you can adjust it so that the panel is angled to the position where it is going to absorb the most sun.

This is another great solar battery AA/AAA trickle charger. It is capable of charging six pieces of 1.2V AA/AAA batteries and also one 9V cell battery all at the same time. These include batteries that you would typically find in household items such as remotes, radios, torches etc. This charger is designed with seven slots on the backside and then there is a tiny solar panel on the front.

This 2W integrated solar panel unit is made up of good quality crystalline solar cells, which is capable of generating 600m Ah per hour minimum when used under excellent conditions. It is important to note that the amount of electricity that this device produces varies depending on the strength of the sunlight that it is exposed too.

It is very user friendly thanks to its lightweight and compact design; the retractable handle makes it a lot easier to carry around. You could also use this handle as a support to tilt the solar charger, ultimately your device is then absorbing more power from the sun.

This charger displays two LED indicators, a red indicator which shines when charging is in progress and a green LED indicator which will come on when the battery is charged to its full capacity. 

The ultra clear PV glass covering makes it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts as it is strong and durable. It is also designed with a durable ABS plastic casing, so it can withstand bumps and scratches. Furthermore, there is a built in diode which works to prevent the reverse flow of power. 

Features to look out for:

  • It has a compact and lightweight design.
  • It has the capacity to charge 6 AA and AAA batteries as well as one 9V battery at once.
  • It has a 600mA per hour minimum output with a 2W solar cell.
  • Convenient retractable carry handle which can also act as a kickstand to support the solar panel.
  • Useful LED charging indicators which display the progress and charge status.
  • It can be used as a backup household battery charger kit too.

This is another great solar AA battery charger. As a two in one product it can act as both a phone charger and AA/AAA charger at the same time. The included standalone adapter means that you can recharge four cell batteries using the 6 watt foldable solar panel.

If you want to charge your phones, tablets and other small USB devices up then you can do so using the battery pack which carries four-cell batteries. Usefully you can charge these devices on the go thanks to its output of 12Wh at a capacity of 9200mAh.

This product comes in two standalone parts, a solar panel and rugged unit with a reasonable conversion rate and a compact AA battery adapter. Both of these parts are lightweight and easy to carry around so you can keep your devices well charged, even on occasions where your outdoor adventures may take you far off the grid.

The solar panel folds out which is a nice feature as it makes it a lot more flexible than most conventional solar panels.

Conveniently the battery pack can be recharged via a USB or wall socket, so you can charge it to full capacity before your trip and top it up as you go using the solar trickle charger. If you want unlimited power whilst you are out exploring then you can use the AA batteries in your camera, torch light and speakers etc. 

Features to look out for:

  • It has a stand alone solar panel and adapter.
  • Great for charging four AA and AAA batteries.
  • It can be used as a power pack to charge your other devices too. 
  • It has a 6W efficient and foldable solar panel. 
  • Great for campers, hikers and those who enjoy the outdoors.

The next solar power charger we have chosen is Goal Zero's guide 10 plus recharger. This cell battery charger can be used to charge AAA rechargeable NiMH batteries. It comes in a kit which features a Nomad 7 solar panel unit which can be used in the sunlight to charge up the batteries. There is also a USB recharging option built in. You can use the AA batteries for headlights, flashlights and remotes etc.

If you have phones, tablets, or any other USB devices that need charging then you can do this using the Guide 10 plus charger. It acts as a 11Wh, 2300mAh power pack as well as a recharger for your AAA batteries when under sunlight. 

This kit comes equipped with a AAA insert and four units of AA batteries as well as a USB cable and solar panel. If you require AAA rechargeable batteries then these will need to be purchased seperately. 

The solar panel is a unit of Nomad 7. It is foldable and designed with kickstands and a pouch. The pouch is ventilated so that it maintains the temperature regulation. It's weather friendly too, the layering design allows it to withstand the harsh weather like snow and rain.

It also has LED indicators in a junction box which inform you of the charging status. Another nice little feature of this junction box is the Solar Intensity indicator. This works to give you an idea of the current solar conditions and how well your gear is likely to charge in these given conditions.  

As mentioned previously, if you choose, you can also use this device to recharge any other devices that you have too. 

Features to look out for:

  • It is a popular AA and AAA battery charger from the brand Goal Zero.
  • It has a Nomad 7 foldable solar panel.
  • It doubles as a power pack for charging your other devices too. 
  • It is ideal for hikers, campers, and those who enjoy exploring outdoors. 
  • This device includes a built in flashlight, which is ideal for those times where you need some form of light to brighten up your way.

Our final pick is the GoldMaster Solar Battery charger. This device is a 2- in- 1 product, as well as recharging cell batteries, the built in USB port means that it can be used to charge up your phone and other small devices too. You will also find that it has a selection of other leads which can charge up any other appliances that you have.

This solar battery charger is great for use outdoors thanks to its waterproof design and weather resistant housing, which makes it very durable too. 

Of course, this charger is going to work best when it is exposed to bright sunlight, but it is also capable of charging batteries on days when the weather is a little overcast too. It is just to be expected that it is going to take a little longer for you batteries to reach their full charge capacity. 

Not only is this charger capable of supporting four rechargable batteries at once whether these be AA, AAA C or D cell batteries, the USB port is also super handy for charging your phones and other handsets too. Similarly to the others that we have mentioned, this one also has a blocking diode which works to prevent reverse flow or power at night time. 

Features to look out for:

  • It is a dual purpose solar charger that is capable of charging handsets as well as batteries.
  • It can support four batteries at one time. 
  • It's a handy device for those who enjoy spending time outdoors and going on hikes etc. 
  • This charger is weather resistant so ideal for those who love the outdoors as they can take this with them, without fear of bad weather damaging it.

Best Solar AA Battery Chargers - Buyers Guide

What are our thoughts on solar battery chargers?

There is no denying that solar power is a great environmentally friendly alternative form of power that works effectively at keeping our devices and batteries charged at all times. 

The market of portable solar power is developing quickly with many more products being developed and launched on a daily basis. These Solar power battery chargers are great devices, they're ideal for taking with you on your hikes and outdoor adventures. They are also ideal for using on camping trips as they can support multiple batteries at once. Many also function as 2-in-1 devices with the capability to charge your phones and others devices too. With a solar battery charger, you will never be without power!

If you are someone that thoroughly enjoys outdoor activites then this is the product for you, as we have mentioned multiple times, these are ideal for hikers, campers and outdoor enthusiasts. They are convenient and tend to be small in size so you can carry them around without feeling as though you have a heavy device weighing you down. All of the solar power chargers that we have listed above retail at good, afforable prices too.

What are the best types of Solar AA Battery Chargers?

If you often find yourself camping, hiking or enjoying the great outdoors, then the plug - and - play solar powered battery charger is going to come in very handy. A variety of cell batteries like AA, AAA, 4D and C units are compatible with most of these models. The built in USB ports allow them to double up and act as regular solar phone chargers too; so when you're out in the wilderness or camping and your phone runs low on charge you always have something to charge it with. 

If you are going on an outing, solar energy is the most reliable and effective option to go for off grid power. You will find that the market offers a wide variety of solar charges, suitable for your phones and other small devices. 

If you have a camera or any other device that is powered by AA batteries, then it is recommended that you carry some spare batteries around for your solar based AA battery charger. This way you can alternate your batteries and you are then set with fully charged batteries at all times. 

What are the benefits of using solar cell battery chargers?

They charge your batteries conveniently

Using the best solar AA battery charger makes recharging your small cell batteries super easy, even when you're out in the wild. If you enjoy spending time outdoors then this is a must have device to accompany you on your adventures. You would normally require wall socket chargers to recharge your batteries so that you can reuse them again. These cool solar chargers mean that you can charge them right away regardless of where you are. This is definitely going to add to your comfort. Ensure that you have a fully charged supply at all times and then you never have to find yourself without power. 

The lightweight and pocket friendly design

The best solar AA chargers tend to be designed with convenience in mind. The majority of them tend to be lightweight and pocket friendly so they are nice and easy to carry around and when your batteries require charging, you can take this device out anywhere to do so. You will find some that are bigger and bulkier and these will need to be stored inside your backpack. The ones we have chosen are a lot more portable and user friendly. If you’re heading on a long outing, you don’t have to worry about storing this solar battery charger. 

An Eco- Friendly way of charging

As the name suggests, these solar chargers run on solar power so they are a really good eco friendly way of charging your batteries. By simply using one of these chargers, you can recharge your cell batteries to their full capacity, without using any form of depleting traditional power. Just like all other solar based power solutions out there, these chargers are cool eco friendly power solutions that are there for all of your off grid and emergency power needs.  Also, a super eco friendly way of charging any other devices that you have too.

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